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 Producing Natural Goods

Empowering Farmers,
Enriching Communities,
Cultivating Changes

We grow the best nutritious agro products 

Story of Tattvartha

Enriched experience in agriculture and eco-farming for generations.

Tattvartha Farmer Producer Company Limited, registered FPC operating under the provisions of the Companies Act of 1956. We take immense pride in being owned and operated entirely by farmers. This unique amalgamation sets us apart and reflects our commitment, empowering farmers and placing their interests at the heart of our operations.
As a farmer-owned company, team Tattvartha has developed a platform that empowers farmer, promotes sustainable agricultural practices, and ensures fair market access for their produce. Which in turn, eliminates unnecessary intermediaries and connecting farmers directly with consumers, creating more equitable and transparent value chain that benefits both farmers and consumers.

Fresh Products

Nurturing Nature!
Empowering Farmers!

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Our Mission

At Tattvartha, we create sustainable and empowering agricultural ecosystem that benefits farmers, consumers, and the environment. We strive to promote fair trade practices, support local farmers, and provide our customers with high-quality, authentic farm produce. Through our transparent supply chain and commitment to ethical sourcing, we aim to build a stronger connection between producers and consumers, fostering a sense of trust, respect, and mutual benefit.

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Our Vision

Tattvartha tends to revolutionise agriculture by empowering farmers and delivering quality farm produce to consumer. Team Tattvartha envisions a future where farmers are recognised and rewarded for their hard work. Where sustainable farming practices are the norms, and where consumers have access to fresh, healthy, and responsibly sourced products. We aim to create a positive impact on the communities we work with, promoting economic growth, social well-being, and environmental stewardship.

What We Offer
Selection Of Products

 Capturing Nature's Bounty, "Harvesting the Beauty of Farm Freshness"

Area Of Focus Why  
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Improving Livelihoods

Making Healthy Crops

Enhancing Nutrional Values

Improving Crops

Managing Natural Resources

Our Global Reach

A process that allows us to share the natural goodness of our products with customers worldwide along with a path to collaboration, knowledge exchange, and innovation.

Tattvartha Farmer Producer Company Limited

A12, M.I.D.C.Tasawade,

Karad, Maharashtra, India

What They're Talking About Tattvartha 

Tattvartha's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our company's values. Knowing that the farm products we source through Tattvartha are produced using eco-friendly and organic farming practices gives us confidence in the quality and environmental impact of our supply chain.

Priti Patel


Tattvartha has been instrumental in bridging the gap between farmers and consumers. Through their direct farm-to-table approach, I have been able to access fresh, organic produce while supporting local farmers. Their dedication to fair pricing and building a sustainable agricultural ecosystem is truly inspiring.

Abhinav Kumar 

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Tattvartha's commitment to farmer empowerment is truly remarkable. They provide valuable resources, training, and market access to farmers, enabling them to enhance their livelihoods and contribute to sustainable agriculture. The impact they have made on rural communities is evident, and I am proud to support their mission.

Suraj Kadam

Our Clients

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Now! Get a Free Consultation

At Tattvartha Farmer Producer Company Limited, we are pleased to offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements. Whether you are a farmer seeking guidance on sustainable farming practices, a customer interested in our products, or a potential partner looking to collaborate, our team of experts is here to assist you.

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